The Summer Newsboy By Bellissimo Hats

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The Summer Newsboy may have a retro design, but it is definitely not old-fashioned. This sleek newsboy cap has its roots in Northern England, where it was invented centuries ago. However, it wouldn’t take hold in the streets of England and the United States until the 20th Century, when it went by many different names, including the Scally Cap, Flat Cap, and Jeff Cap (just to name a few).

Today, the Summer Newsboy by Bellissimo gives you a blend of elegant British headwear with a touch of stylish American streetwear. To help you find the best hat to fit your needs, we offer the Summer Newsboy in various sizes, including Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and Extra-Extra-Large.

With the Summer Newsboy, Bellissimo has taken the classic style of the scally cap and infused it with modern, high-end materials and production methods. The exterior of the cap is made with 100% linen to provide a balance between textured beauty and breathability. On the inside, the Summer Newsboy is dressed in 100% cotton floral lining, allowing you to wear your Summer Newsboy without the discomfort or unnecessary heat of a wool cap.

Finally, it’s important to note that, despite its name, the Summer Newsboy is not just for men. In fact, this hat can be a great fashion accessory for both men and women!

Flat Cap with floral lining

Made from 100% Linen

Lining 100% Cotton

Made in Italy 

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