Alpha - Open crown (Long hair) By Bellissimo Hats

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Bordeaux Red

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The Alpha by Bellissimo Hats is one of the few long-hair dress hats in our product line. Not only does this make the Alpha an extremely unique hat, but it also makes it stand out from the rest. Available in Whisky Brown, Bordeaux Red, Moss Green, and Silver, the Alpha is a bold open crown hat that exudes elegance and recalls the refinement of years past. Currently, the Alpha open crown fedora is available in multiple sizes, including Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, or Extra-Extra-Large.

As the name implies, a long hair fedora like the Alpha features longer fibers, similar to what you might see on a fur coat (albeit shorter). Made of 100% fur felt with a long hair finish, the Alpha is an open crown hat with a 2 3/4" under-welt brim. This makes the Alpha one of the best statement pieces, as it looks and feels like a hat that you might have seen in a classic Hollywood movie.

While most owners of the Alpha will likely reserve it for special occasions, it is still versatile enough to work in many different environments. Due to its long hair fur-felt body, it is especially good for keeping your head warm in cold climates. Additionally, the Alpha is a great accessory for both men and women, making it one of the most ostentatious unisex statement hats on the market!

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