How To Store Fedora Hats

how to store fedora hats

Once you’ve found and purchased the perfect fedora hat, you’ll want to know how to take care of it. With the right upkeep, a high-quality fedora hat can last for a lifetime (or longer). However, if you fail to store and maintain your fedora hat, you could find yourself in need of new hat wear sooner than you realize.

This is especially true when it comes to storage. Both small and large brim hats require delicate care, even if you don’t plan to wear them for a while. If you just want to hang your hat up and call it a day, you will still need to know how to hang a fedora hat without causing it any damage. In today’s guide, we will look at how to store fedora hats, as well as the best way to hang and store hats in general. So, let’s get started!

With a Hat Storage Box

One of the easiest ways to store a fedora is a hat storage box, often referred to simply as a “hat box.” Though hat boxes may have been more common in years past, they have seen a resurgence in recent years, thanks in large part to the increasing popularity of fedoras and other brimmed hat wear. As a result, the traditional hat box (which comes with every fedora hat sold by Bellissimo Hats) has made a comeback as the go-to storage container for high-end hats.

A hat box is an ideal storage option for most fedora owners. If you simply want to store hats at home, it is an inexpensive way to keep their form. While some hat boxes have a simple, flat base and round exterior, others have a special interior that helps fill the crown. Either way, you can keep one or more hat boxes stored in a closet, a spare bedroom, a storage unit, or a properly ventilated attic. Even if you have your hat safely tucked away in a box, it is best to avoid keeping it in the garage or shed. Over time, the elements could degrade the quality of your hat. So, if possible, it is best to store your fedora indoors.

While a hat storage box is good to store hats at home, it is not the best option for travelers. This is especially true if you plan to fly and have limited luggage capacity. A hat box will be rather cumbersome to carry through airport security. As a result, a hat storage box is best for keeping your fedora hat safe while you are at home.

With a Fedora Travel Case

If you frequently travel and want to bring your favorite fedora hat with you, a solid fedora travel case is a must. A fedora traveler case is designed to maintain the shape of the fedora, with a hard exterior casing to protect it from damage. A small handle and straps also give you the ability to quickly and easily bring your hat with you wherever you go. In essence, a fedora travel case serves the same purpose as a standard hat box, but with even greater protection and portability.

When traveling, you can rest easy knowing that a packable fedora case is keeping your hat safe. Our signature traveling case can be carried like a handbag or worn as a backpack, giving you plenty of options to mix and match your luggage. Conveniently sized and built to be crush-resistant, Bellissimo’s travel fedora case is one of the best ways to maintain the quality of your purchase in just about any location.

How To Hang a Fedora Hat

While hat boxes and travel cases are the best ways to keep your fedora hat secure, they are not the best ways to make it readily accessible. For this reason, you may be inclined to forego these storage options, especially when you are at home. However, you should not just leave your fedora hat lying around your house. If left in the wrong place, it could quickly lose its shape. Consequently, hanging your fedora somewhere off the ground is the best way to go.

So, how do you hang a fedora hat? Thankfully, it is not a complicated process, even if you do not have a designated hat rack on hand. By installing hooks on the wall, you can easily hang your hat just about anywhere in your home. If you have multiple hats, you can even dedicate an entire wall of the house to your fedora hat collection!

Once you have some kind of hook or hanging apparatus installed, you can easily hang your fedora hat without causing any damage. Just make sure that the hook is not pressing against the crown. This will ensure that your hat does not get misshapen over time.

You should also make sure that your hat is hanging in a safe environment. For example, some people keep their hats hanging in the bathroom so that they can easily choose their accessories while they get ready. Unfortunately, this can do permanent damage to your hat, especially if you have a leather fedora. The humidity from showers can seep into the material, deforming it in the process.

Additionally, you must be careful to keep your hats separate from clothes and materials that could cause damage. For example, throwing your coats on top of a hanging fedora hat could crush the crown or deform the brim. Instead, be sure to hang your hat on its own hanger, away from materials that could ruin it.

DIY Fedora Hat Storage Ideas

In addition to creating a designated hat wall, there are dozens of different DIY options to hang or safely store fedora hats. If you are building a fedora hat collection, you should consider purchasing or creating a hat organizer (also known as a hat holder). Typically, there are two different kinds of hat organizers: vertical and horizontal. The former is best for most kinds of hats, as it mimics the hooks on a traditional hat rack, while the latter is better for baseball caps and similarly casual hat wear.

You can make your own hat organizer or hat older using hooks attached to a piece of wood or metal. If you prefer not to break out the screwdriver and hammer, you can also create a makeshift hat organizer with a long piece of Velcro. Simply attach lightweight hooks to a Velcro ribbon. Then, you can hang the Velcro strip in your bedroom or closet. Just make sure that you don’t allow the hats to rub against the Velcro too much, as this could cause damage to the felt or leather.

If you are looking for even more ways to store hats, always remember that fedora hats just need to be kept dry and safe from losing their shape. Hanging a fedora hat is usually the easiest option if you do not have a designated hat box. Alternatively, you could buy foam wig heads at most craft stores to make sure that your hats always keep their proper shape. Now that you know how to hang a fedora hat and store fedora hats properly, you are ready to grow your fedora collection!

We hope you found this guide on how to store fedora hats useful! If you’d like to buy a high-quality fedora, be sure to check out Bellissimo Hats today!