Two Tone Fedora Hat Guide

two tone fedora hat

Most fedoras come in one color and one color only. While this may sound rather boring, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, one tone fedoras can look absolutely amazing and be extremely useful in a wide range of settings. A slick tan or jet-black fedora can complement a wide range of outfits, making it a classic look that is both stylish and versatile. But what if you want your fedora to have multiple colors?

This is where the two tone fedora comes into play. In today’s post, we will talk about some of the most popular styles of two tone hat colors and color combinations. Additionally, we will answer a few important questions related to two tone fedoras. But first, let’s look at exactly what we mean when we say “two tone fedora.”

What Is A Two Tone Fedora Hat?

Fortunately, 2 tone fedora hats are not overly complicated. The truth is that any kind of two tone hat adheres to the same basic characteristics. Rather than having one dominant color and potentially a secondary color (or no other color at all), a two tone hat features two dominant colors. This offers a more dramatic and eye-catching visual design than the classic one tone hats that most people know.

When it comes to fedoras, the most common type of two tone fedora has one solid color across the top of the crown and brim, and a strongly contrasting color on the bottom of the brim and the interior of the crown. This is ideal for people who like to wear their fedoras inclined (when the front of the brim sits higher on the head), allowing people to get a clear look at both colors. However, this is not the only type of two tone fedora.

A two tone fedora can also refer to a fedora that features two contrasting colors on the exterior of the hat (the exterior of the crown and the top of the brim). For example, a two tone fedora may have a black brim and a red crown. Alternatively, designers can play with the concept of two tone hats by using a brightly colored band set against a standard grey or black fedora. Moreover, two tone fedoras do not have to have colors that are completely distinct from one another. They can also be mixed and blended into one another to create a completely unique look!

Why Two Tone Hats Are Popular

The latest movements in fashion have put a greater emphasis on personal expression. You know what kind of colors, designs, and styles you like. So, rather than conforming to the most recent “trend,” you now have more power to cultivate your own unique style and, potentially, create looks that other people want to emulate.

It goes without saying that fedoras have been a fashionable accessory for more than a century. They’ve recently seen a huge comeback in the fashion industry, thanks in large part to their classic look and functionality. Historically, these hats were generally reserved for men, but nowadays, both men and women can enjoy the great looks of fedora hats.

Thus, fedora hats are more popular than ever and people are now more inclined to customize their own styles and fashion. However, this still does not fully explain why two tone fedoras are so popular. Or does it?

The truth is that most fedoras conform to the classic colors and designs of decades past. The vast majority of fedoras come in standard colors like grey, white, tan, brown, or black. They might have slight color variations on the band, but they do not have significant contrasts in their color design. Consequently, two tone fedora hats offer the modern consumer a way to use a classic look with a modern and unique twist. This encapsulates the popularity of individualized styles by allowing you to pick exactly how your fedora looks and what kind of colors you want to be visible to the public.

Popular Two Tone Hat Color Combinations

Now that you have a better understanding of two tone hats and why they have become such a great way to showcase your individuality, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular two tone hat colors. And remember: while these color combinations may be popular among fashionable consumers, they are definitely not the only options. In fact, you can even use Bellissimo Hats Custom Studio to create the fedora of your dreams using dozens of different color combinations!

In any case, here are some of the top-selling two tone fedoras on the market as of 2022:

  • El Capo - One could argue that El Capo is actually a three tone hat because it features a dark blue brim, a silverbelly (tan) crown, and a deep red band. In any case, it is one of the most popular and fashionable multi-tone hats available. And, if you love the shape but not the colors, you can even choose among several different color options.
  • The Fox - The Fox is an extremely popular design that has been seen on the heads of various celebrities in recent years. The two tone version features a red brim (with black trim), a silver band, and a black crown. Like El Capo, The Fox also has various single tone color options to choose from as well.
  • El Chayo - This small fedora features a black, stingy brim, black band, and bright red crown. While its two tone coloration resembles the Fox, its design is paired down and ideal for those who want a smaller, less ostentatious brim. El Chayo also has four additional single tone color options.
  • Duke - The Duke truly lives up to its name. This classic fur felt fedora combines a camel brim with a powder blue crown. This combination is perfectly accented by a matching dark blue trim and band. You can also choose between burgundy and silver or sapphire and silver alternatives.
  • Black Stud - The Black Stud fedora is recognizable for its glimmering stud featured at the center of the burgundy band. The hat is one of the few two tone wide brim fedoras on this list, but it perfectly combines the beauty of burgundy and classic black body to make an excellent look for both men and women.
  • The Custom Fox - If you opt to customize your own hat, we offer the Custom Fox as the default option. This hat combines a bright red crown and brim with a jet black band and upturned matching trim. However, you can customize the hat as you like, giving you free rein to use your favorite fedora hat colors and designs!

As you can see, there are a lot of different fedora color combinations at your disposal. However, the list does not end here. Truthfully, there are thousands of beautiful two tone fedoras to choose from. We have only covered some of the most popular designs. Additionally, if you really want to make the hat your own, you can use Bellissimo’s Custom Studio to create the perfect two tone fedora to match your sense of style!

We hope you found this guide on two tone fedora hats both fun and useful! If you’d like to buy a high-quality, two tone fedora to add to your collection, be sure to check out some of the options available at Bellissimo Hats today!