El Chayo Small Brim Fedora - Coffee Brown

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Colors: Coffee Brown

Material: 100% European Fur-Felt

Crown: 4" Center Dent

Brim: 2 1/4" Raw Edge

1 1/2" Grosgrain Ribbon

Finished with a premium roan leather sweatband

Lining: Satin

Many people wrongfully believe that the fedora is a symbol of a bygone era that has lost its luster over the years. While it’s true that fedoras were very popular throughout the first half of the 20th century, they have been reinvented and modernized for the current generation. This transformation has never been more evident than it is with El Chayo. This small brim fedora hat has been specifically designed to match the style and fashion of the modern, 21st-century man or woman, making it the ideal choice for consumers of today!

El Chayo is a short-crowned fedora with an upturned, raw-edge brim. The hat comes in both two-tone and single-tone color variations, including the popular Red and Black combo, as well as Sapphire, Brown, Burgundy, and Black. Each hat is also complemented with a Grosgrain ribbon and bow that vary in color. Moreover, El Chayo is designed to meet everyone’s specifications, with Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, as well as Extra-Extra-Large versions available for purchase.

In addition to its exquisite style and visual appeal, El Chayo is also an extremely comfortable small brim fedora hat to wear. The exterior is made of 100% European fur-felt, which is both beautiful to look at and soft to the touch. If that were not enough, the premium roan leather sweatband and satin lining ensure that your head can stay comfortable in just about any temperature or climate. In short, El Chayo by Bellissimo Hats is an excellent addition to any modern and fashionable consumer’s hat collection!

Customer Reviews

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Sweet Brim, definitely an eye catcher.


Excellent decision to purchase if I say so myself. Thank you, Bellissimo Hats!!!


Great quality hat

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