Panama Fox

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Light Blue

The famous Fox by Bellissimo is now available in straw.

Handwoven in Ecuador the Panama Fox will keep you cool this summer. 

Summer hat.

A favorite of celebrities, the Panama Fox is a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory. Whether you want to spend a night out on the town or enjoy a romantic dinner for two, the Panama Fox is perfect for just about any occasion. This genuine Panama Hat is literally hand-crafted to be the perfect accent to any look or style.

Despite the name, the Panama Hat (sometimes known as the Pipijapa or Montecristi Hat) doesn’t come from Panama. In fact, it is actually an Ecuadorian hat. These straw hats are handmade from the Toquilla tree, which is native to Ecuador. That said, there are plenty of hats on the market that attempt to mimic the design of a genuine Panama Hat. Fortunately the Panama Fox is the real deal.

You can rest assured that you’re only get the best with the Panama Fox by Bellissimo Hats. This world-renowned summer hat is perfect for the warmer months, as the woven material can keep your head cool, while also keeping your face and neck protected from the sun.

If you’re in need of a Panama Hat for sale online, you’re definitely in the right place, as we offer the Panama Fox for both men and women at reasonable and competitive prices. So, are you ready to add a great new hat to your collection? If so, you’re just a click away!