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Material - 100% American beaver

Color - Silverbelly

Crown - 4 3/4" telescope 

Brim - 3 1/2" flat 

Ribbon - 1 1/2" burgundy with stud accent

The Stud Fedora is a top-of-the-line hat made with only the best American materials and classic designs. This wide-brimmed fedora is accented by a sparkling stud on the middle of the band that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Made to embody the classic hat designs of years past, the Stud features a Silverbelly (cream) body, as well as matching burgundy ribbon and brim-edges. Additionally, the Stud is available in plenty of different sizes, including Small, two versions of Medium, two versions of Large, two versions of Extra-Large, as well as Extra-Extra-Large.

Unlike most fedoras that use rabbit fur-felt, the Stud is made from 100% American beaver. Not only does this make it a rare find, but it also ensures a very comfortable and stylish fit. The tall, telescopic crown is complemented by a wide, flat brim with burgundy edges. However, the stud accent in the middle of the band really steals the show, as it is like wearing an extra piece of stunning jewelry on your head!

Though the Stud fedora is certainly one of Bellissimo Hats’ best high-end accessories, it is perfect for just about any situation or environment. Whether you just want to go for a walk in the park or attend a private art gallery event, the Stud hat can make you look like a million bucks. In short, the Stud will bring the perfect degree of refinement, luxury, and comfort to your life!

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